University Library Committees (ULC):

To facilitate dissemination & assimilation of knowledge and research undertaken by Manipur University (MU) academia, MU Library needs to be streamlined. In this regard, the constitution of the library committee would be beneficial. The function of the committee is to help the operations of the MU Library so that it can pursue its development plans. The purpose of the committee is to act as guidance for the holistic development of the library and to establish a bridge between the library and the academic fraternity.

As per the University’s Ordinance B-6, the University Library Committee shall be constituted comprising the following members:

  1. Vice-Chancellor: Ex-officio Chairman
  2. Pro-Vice-Chancellor or in his absence the senior-most Professor: Ex-officio Member
  3. Deans of the University: Ex-officio Member
  4. Registrar: Ex-officio Member
  5. Finance Officer: Ex-officio Member
  6. One Professor from each School of Studies by rotation in order of seniority: Members
  7. Librarian: Ex-officio Member Secretary

Terms of reference for ULC

  1. To frame general rules for the management of the library
  2. To advise the librarian regarding general library development
  3. To prepare the annual budget estimates of the library for submission to the Executive Council; through Finance Officer
  4. To allocate funds, from the sanctioned annual budget of the library to the Schools, Departments/Centers for the purchase of books and periodicals
  5. To arrange for the stock-taking of the library
  6. To prepare and submit to the Academic Council, through Vice-Chancellor an Annual Report summarizing the activities and achievements of the library
  7. To perform such other duties as may be assigned to it by the Academic Council/Vice-Chancellor
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