1. Online Eight Days International Author Workshop on “Academic Writing and Publishing by Internationally Renowned Publishers”

  1. Academic Publishing - A Scientific Editor's Perspective by Dr. Jessica Pancholi from Elsevier on 21/10/2021 (Thursday).
  2. How to Publish in Academic Journals and Succeed with your Publication by Ms. Victoria Babbit from Taylor and Francis on 22/10/2021 (Friday).
  3. A Workshop on Read and Publish Model and Author’s Publishing Journey by Mr. Gunjan Hajela and Ms. Qudsiya Ahmed from Cambridge University Press on 23/10/2021 (Saturday).
  4. Elements of Scholarly Book Publishing by Mr. Aninda Bose from Springer Nature on 25/10/2021 (Monday).
  5. How to publish with a scholarly publisher by Mr. David Elek from Brill on 26/10/2021 (Tuesday).
  6. How to Publish with Oxford Journals by Ms. Sumita Sen, from Oxford University Press on 27/10/2021 (Wednesday).
  7. Handy tips on how to get published in a top-tier journal by Prof. Jayantha N. Dewasiri from Emerald on 28/10/2021 (Thursday).
  8. Publishing workshop on Indian Perspective by Mr. Yateendra Joshi from Wiley on 29/10/2021 (Friday).

2. Online workshop on “Nurturing the Research Ecosystem with Research Companion, E-book Central and Discovery Service Database” at Manipur University Library. Speaker: Mr. Sanjay Rajan, ProQuest

3. Online International workshop on “Research Data Management/OA Publishing (FIGSHARE) and Research Excellence Framework Metrics (DIMENSIONS)” on 7th April 2021 at Manipur University Library. Speakers: Mr. Danu Poyner, Digital Science and Ms. Stephanie Guichard, Digital Science.

4. Online workshop on “How to Improve your Academic Writing Quality and research Output with Grammarly” on 6th April 2021 at Manipur University Library. Speaker: Mr. Ratish Iyer, General Manager, Bridge People.

5. International online Workshop on “Research Productivity Measurement and Evaluation” on 7th December 2020 at Manipur University Library. Speakers: (1) Ms. Cristina Huidiu and Mr. Danu Poyner, Digital Science, Topic: Dimensions: A Joined-up Perspective on Research (2) Ms. Tahseen Khanday, Elsevier, Topic: Optimize and Strengthen your Research Capabilities and Visibility using Scopus (3) Dr Subhasree Nag, Clarivate Analytics, Topic: Web of Science - Take your Research to the Next Level (4). Mr. Adarsh K. Singh and Mr. Surjay Prasad Rath, Deva Enterprise, Topic: Research Scenario Analysis through Indian citation index

6. International online workshop on “Discovery Service: A Single Gateway to Library” on 16th October 2020 at Manipur University Library. Speakers: (1) Mr. Shaji John, Vice President, EBSCO, USA, Topic: The Evolution of Discovery: Path Ahead for Library Users and (2) Mr. Miles Stauffer, Sr. Solution Architect, Ex Libris-Sales APAC, USA, Topic: Current Trends on Discovery Services for Library

7. International online workshop on “Exploratory Analysis and Visualization of Text Data for Research Using Open-Source Tools” on 21st September 2020 at Manipur University Library. Speaker: Scott Bailey, Digital Research and Scholarship Librarian NC State University Libraries, USA

8. Online workshop on “Academic and Scientific Writing Catapulting Institutional Visibility” on 3rd August 2020 at Manipur University Library. Speaker: Ms. Suvira Srivastav, Editorial Director Journals - Mathematics, Physical & Applied Sciences, Computer Science - Asia-Pacific, Springer Nature

9. International webinar on “Current Global Trends in Library Technology: Possibilities of Innovation for Libraries in India” on 30th June 2020 at Manipur University Library. Speakers: (1) Mr. Mr. Marshall Breeding, Independent Consultant, Speaker & Author, USA and (2) Mr. Sanjay Rajan, Sr. Training & Consulting Partner, ProQuest

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