Research Data Management (RDM):

Research Data Management Centre to organize, store, preserve, and sharing of data collected and used in a research project. It involves decisions about how data will be preserved and shared after the project is completed and for further analysis. The research data may be in the following form

  1. Documents, spreadsheets
  2. laboratory notebooks, field notebooks, diaries
  3. Questionnaires, transcripts, codebooks
  4. Audiotapes, videotapes
  5. Photographs, films
  6. Test responses
  7. Slides, artefacts, specimens, samples
  8. collections of digital outputs
  9. data files
  10. Database contents (video, audio, text, images)
  11. Models, algorithms, scripts
  12. Contents of an application (input, output, logfiles for analysis software, simulation software, schemas)
  13. Methodologies and workflows
  14. Standard operating procedures and protocols
  15. Non-digital data: non-digital data such as laboratory notebooks, ice-core samples and sketchbooks. 

Research data can be generated for different purposes and through different processes.

  1. Observational data is captured in real-time and is usually irreplaceable, for example, sensor data, survey data, sample data, and neuro-images.
  2. Experimental data is captured from lab equipment. It is often reproducible, but this can be expensive. Examples of experimental data are gene sequences, chromatograms, and toroid magnetic field data.
  3. Simulation datais generated from test models where model and metadata are more important than output data. For example, climate models and economic models.
  4. Derived or compiled data has been transformed from pre-existing data points. It is reproducible if lost, but this would be expensive. Examples are data mining, compiled databases, and 3D models.
  5. Reference or canonical data is a static or organic conglomeration or collection of smaller (peer-reviewed) datasets, most probably published and curated. For example, gene sequence databanks, chemical structures, or spatial data portals.

The Library is in process to create RDM centre of Manipur University.

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