About the Library:

The Manipur University Library came into existence along with the establishment of the erstwhile JNU center of post graduate studies, Imphal, on 19th November 1972. The Manipur legislative assembly passed the Manipur University Act, 1980 (Act of 1980) on 5thJune 1980 and upgraded the PG center into a State University. Later the Indian parliament passed the Manipur University Act, 2005 (Act 54 of 2005) on 13th October2005 and upgraded the then State University to the status of Central University. All along the process of up-gradation and assessment of the university, the library was considered as an important component and an asset of the university. The University Library has been the lifeline of the academic activities of the University. It is a resourceful place where students and researchers can come to enhance their knowledge and skills. With the developments of computers and communication technologies, the behavioural characteristics of the information seekers have been changing rapidly, and the library is trying its best to adapt to technological advancement. The library is fully automated with EM-RFID for security system, self-issue/return, automatic inventory control, and ILMS KOHA for Library Automation.

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